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Nokia vient d'annoncer a Berlin, le Nokia 3250 !
Axé sur la musique, avec un design innovant et un clavier rotatif, permettant de jongler avec la partie telephone, photo et musique.

What's New

Do a triple take with the Nokia 3250 phone. One twist of the wrist and it becomes a music player with memory expandable up to 1 GB for up to 750 songs. Rip tracks from your CDs using Nokia Audio Manager and then transfer them from your PC to your phone. Use the stereo headphones provided or plug your own headphones into the 3.5 mm jack in the headset.

Twist again and it's a 2-megapixel camera. Snap in landscape or portrait mode and get up close with the 4x zoom. Store your photos and videos on your phone and then upload them to your mobile blog with Lifeblog.

Twist back and it's a smartphone. Take calls on five continents, browse over EDGE, and get creative with all the imaging and music software packed inside.
Whichever way you twist it, there's a lot happening inside the Nokia 3250 phone.
Quick links:

* Operating Frequency
* Music
* Integrated Digital Camera
* Messaging
* Applications
* Connectivity

Phone Features

* Twist-on design to access phone, camera, or music functions
* Play tracks and create playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+)
* Memory expandable up to 1GB for up to 750 songs of great quality stereo audio with the new, advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec*
* Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email
* Plug your own headphones into the connector jack in the headset cable
* Integrated 2-megapixel digital camera
* Turn and capture still photos or video in a single twist
* Share and publish your mobile memories via blogging
* High-resolution, 262,144-color display

* Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs. Storage capacity is approximate and based on 4 minutes per song and 48kbps eAAC+ encoding. Actual storage capacity is dependent on sales package configuration.

Full Specifications

Operating Frequency

* Tri-band GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900)
* Automatic switching between bands


* Weight: 115 g
* Dimensions: 103.8 x 50 x 19.8 mm


* 176 x 208 pixel TFT active matrix 262,144-color display
* Size: 34.8mm x 41.1mm

User Interface

* 270-degree rotation (-90 and +180 degrees): Twist on text/phone access, camera, or music functions instantly
* Joystick, two softkeys, application key, edit and clear key, send (Push to talk key) and end key, ITU-T keys, power key
* Music keys: Play/pause, stop, rewind and forward
* Series 60 Platform on Symbian operating system

Music Features

* Manage your music and playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+) and control music with dedicated music keys
* Transfer music ripped from your purchased CDs from your PC to your Nokia 3250 phone with Nokia Audio Manager, Windows Media Player, or other PC software
* Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email
* Memory expandable up to 1GB for up to 750 songs of great quality stereo audio with the new, advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec*
* Plug your own headphones into the 3.5 mm connector jack in the headset cable
* Enhanced music features: Sound Check (equalizer, stereo widening, reverb, bass boost)
* Buy new music from Web services or download your own records from PC to enjoy hi-fi stereo music through high-quality headphones
* Formats supported: eAAC+, MPEG4 AAC, MP3, ARM-NB, ARM-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, WMA
* Tunes Studio: Create your own ringing tones from the approx. 40 MIDI tones pre-loaded in the Nokia 3250 phone
* Visual Radio

* Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs. Storage capacity is approximate and based on 4 minutes per song and 48kbps eAAC+ encoding. Actual storage capacity is dependent on sales package configuration.

Imaging Features

* Integrated 2- megapixel digital camera (1600 x 1200 default image size)
* Twist and capture still photos or video in a single twist
* Advanced camera modes: Still, burst, video
* Options for night, brightness adjustment, image quality, and self-timer
* 4x digital zoom
* Video resolution: 176x144 or 128x96 pixels (QCIF or SubQCIF), 15 frames per second
* Video services: Video capture up to 1 hour with microSD card; download, view, streaming
* Music keys double as camera controls: Zoom in and out, shutter key, stop

Multimedia Features

* Watch your videos or stream music videos from network using RealOne player
* Enhanced video editor: Edit your videos with master set of different effects and options and create new views with your own video content

Mobile Blogging

* Share and publish your mobile memories via blogging
* Upload content to Web or attach the content to your email or MMS
* Send your content over MMS or directly to friends locally via Bluetooth wireless technology

Messaging Features

* MMS OMA 1.2: Combine image, video, text, and voice clips and send as an MMS to a compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story with a multi-slide presentation. The MMS OMA 1.2 specification allows you to send/receive messages up to 300 kB in size.
* Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list
* Predictive text input: Support for all major languages in Europe and Asia-Pacific
* Email: Access your work and private email accounts; supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols
* Presence: Includes Wireless Village, Instant Messaging, and dynamic phonebook; know someone's status before you call

Memory Functions*

* 10 MB internal memory plus expandable memory up to 1GB for 750 songs with microSD card

Visual Radio

* Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations:
o Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information
o Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favorite songs
o Download the songs you buy direct to your phone
* Find out more at

Nokia Sensor

* Nokia Sensor is a spontaneous, sociable application for spontaneous, sociable people.
o Express yourself to other Sensor users nearby by creating your own personal pages on your phone
o Check out the pages of people nearby and exchange Sensor messages
o Share files using Bluetooth wireless technology up to a range of ten meters.
* Download Nokia Sensor free of charge from

More Applications

Nokia Audio Manager: Create and organize digital music files on a compatible PC and transfer them to a compatible mobile device.

Nokia Lifeblog Multimedia Diary: Create a diary of all your mobile phone's photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages. It's easy to browse, search, edit, and save - on both your PC and mobile! Find out more at
Tunes Studio

Sound meter: Measure the noise level of the environment, such as at a football game or concert. The sound level meter is not meant for professional use.


* Bluetooth wireless technology
o Talk handsfree with a wireless Bluetooth headset enhancement
o Play wireless multiplayer games over a Bluetooth connection
o Synchronize your phone and compatible PC over a local Bluetooth wireless connection
* USB 2.0 full speed with mass storage profile


* WAP 2.0, xHTML browsing over TCP/IP

Data Transfer

* EDGE: Class 10, download up to 236,8 kbit/s
GPRS: Class 10, download up to 62,4 kbit/s

*Note: Actual achieved speeds may vary depending on network support

Personal Information Management (PIM)

* Phonebook
* Calendar
* Notepad
* World clock
* Converter
* Calculator
* File manager
* Remote synchronization
* Active idle
* Messaging
* Browsing
* Platform security:
o Device integrity (no tampering of binaries and device settings)
o End-user privacy (protected access to contacts, calendar, messages)
o Controlling the access to sensitive operations or APIs, such as protecting network connections)


* Punkwigs, Snakes

Call Management

* Speed dialing: Up to 9 names, with keys 2-9
* Last-number redial from dialed calls list (dial key brings out the dialed calls list)
* Automatic redial (max. 10 attempts)
* Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
* Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
* Automatic and manual network selection
* Caller identification with image
* Conference call (up to 5 participants)
* Vibrating alert

Voice Features

* Enhanced voice dialing
* Voice commands
* Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
* Voice recording
* Integrated handsfree speaker

Digital Services

* Download music over-the-air
* UI Themes
* Downloadable Symbian and Java applications
* Game services including levels and sounds
* Ringing and alert tones: eAAC+, MPEG4 AAC, MP3, ARM-NB, ARM-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, WMA

Sales Package Contents

* Nokia 3250 phone
* Nokia Battery BP-6M
* Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53
* Nokia Compact Charger AC-3*
* Nokia Charger Adapter CA-44*
* Nokia Music Headset HS-20
* CD-ROM (includes Nokia PC Suite software)
* User guide, Quick guide, product leaflet

*Europe, Middle East, and Africa only

Power Management

Battery Talk time Standby time Playback
BP-6M, 1100mAh Up to 3 hours Up to 245 hours (10 days) Up to 10 hours

Please note: The exact specification varies by area and operator, and is subject to change without notice.

Music Features :

Twist to the music with the Nokia 3250 phone. Find out just how easy it is to transfer your music to the phone from your PC.
The Essentials:

* Optimized, easy-to-use music player: Music collection management and playlist editing
* Dedicated music control hard keys: Play/pause, stop, rewind, forward.
* High-fidelity 3.5mm stereo headset with voice call and music playback remote control.
* eAAC+ storage: Memory expandable up to 1GB for up to 750 songs of great quality stereo audio with the new advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec *
* Battery playtime: Up to 10 hours
* Built-in memory: 10 MB
* Memory card: Supports up to 1 GB microSD card
* Radio pre-sets: 20

* Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs. Storage capacity is approximate and based on 4 minutes per song and 48kbps eAAC+ encoding. Actual storage capacity is dependent on sales package configuration.
Nokia Audio Manager Version 5.0

With Nokia Audio Manager 5.0, you can create and organize digital music files on a compatible PC and transfer them to your Nokia 3250 phone.

Basic Functions:

* Play audio CDs
* Save CD music tracks to eAAC+ format
* Play eAAC+ and MP3 music tracks
* Create, edit, and play M3U playlists
* Organize music tracks and playlists in the Nokia Audio Manager Music Studio
* Transfer eAAC+ and MP3 tracks from the Music Studio to your Nokia 3250 phone
* Transfer playlists from Music Studio to your Nokia 3250 phone

With Nokia Audio Manager Music Studio you can organize and copy audio tracks onto your mobile device. Music can be placed into the Music Studio from any Windows folder.

The CD player allows you to save CD audio files in AAC digital format, which may then be added to the Music Studio and transferred to a compatible Nokia mobile device.
Note: The Nokia 3250 phone is also compatible with Windows Media Player.

How to Transfer Music

With Nokia Audio Manager you can transfer music tracks to your phone from a CD. You first save music from a CD on the PC and then transfer the tracks from Audio Manager to the phone.

Note: With a USB cable (DKU-2 or CA-53) connection, you can transfer large files such as music files between your phone and the PC more quickly than with other connection types.
To Transfer Music from a CD to Your Phone

1. Insert a music CD in your PC CD drive.
2. In the Nokia PC Suite main window, click Transfer music to open Nokia Audio Manager.
3. Click CD player and select the tracks you want to transfer to your phone.
4. Click Save tracks. The files are saved to your PC in .aac file format.
5. Click Music Studio and you can see the saved tracks. You can also click Add? to add more tracks saved earlier on your PC hard disk.
6. Select a track and click Edit > Track or Playlist to change the track and artist names.
7. Connect your phone to the PC. Nokia Audio Manager automatically detects the phone and the Mobile Phone panel shows the music tracks stored earlier on this phone.,,80116,00.html

Nokia a annoncé le 26 septembre 2005, le lancement d'un nouveau téléphone musical à clavier pivotant, le Nokia 3250. Ce téléphone mobile dédié à la musique est équipé de touches spécifiques et permet de stocker plus de 750 titres avec sa mémoire de 1 Go.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les principales caractéristiques de ce nouveau téléphone de conception originale :

Nokia 3250 : Laissez votre musique s'exprimer à travers ce nouveau téléphone musical !

Clavier pivotant à 180 degrés
Touches dédiées spécialement à la musique
Plus de 1 Go de mémoire (750 titres)
Appareil photo 2 mégapixels avec mode paysage, zoom numérique x4
Autonomie d'écoute de plus de 10 heures
Formats MP3, WMA et MPEG 4AAC, RealAudio 7 et 8
Fonction \"Push-to-talk\"
Visual Radio
Technologie sans fil Bluetooth
Tribande GSM 900/1800/1900

Disponibilité : 1er trimestre 2006

Merci de centraliser toutes vos infos, liens, questions sur ce sujet uniquement
Sommaire de réponse
D'autres photos :

* Nokia N95 Il a l'air trés sympa.

Je n'ai pas trouvé la version de Symbian dans le descriptif, surement du v8?

Sinon, rien d'exceptionnel à première vue par rapport au futur N70 par exemple.

En tout cas, merci Phil

Nokia N70 avec SFR Essentiel Spécial Web 2h + 100SMS/33MMS + 3 Numéros illimités = 28? Symbian 9.1

Mais d'apres les screens que j'avais vu sur ce Symbian 9, cela ne ressemblais pas du tout a ca.....

Ca reste visuellement je dis bien visuellement du Symbian 8.1a, mais nokia confirmedu Symbian 9.1

Moi je suis décu, je n'aime pas ces sytemes de rotation, ca gache tout le telephone et c'est pas pratique........

Je m'attendais a mieux quand meme de la part de nokia ces temps ci ..... en gros c'est un 3230 nouvelle generation .....
Pourquoi resortir un relookage d'un 3230 sortit recemment plutot que d'autres modeles bien plus importants ... Meme si les presentations ne sont pas finies pour cette année

Ce qui me gene avec ce systeme rotatif, c'est que posé quelque part (mais pas n'importe ou ca va de soit), le derriere et ses touches peut se rayer plus facilement....

Par contre pour la prise de photo, j'imagine que c'est toujours le jystick central qui fait office de prise de photo, ainsi la prise en main n'est pas des plus aisé vu la distance entre le joystick et l'apparail tenu en main.

Ce n'est pas la meme gamme ni la meme cible ...
* Nokia N95 Plutot original et assez petit par rapport aux autres S60.Dans la lignée d'un N70 niveau gabarit.

Par contre pas de flash?Sur certains forums on parle d'un APN 2Mpx au rabais.Pour les SMS je me demande comment réagit la partie clavier du tel?Il faudrait pas que le clavier bascule par usage intensive et à la longue...

J'adore le kit stéréo!En plus la batterie c'est plus la BL-5C!!!Le prix est plutôt bien placé.

@+ En noir il est magnifique ! Bravo Nokia ! C'est la claque a ceux qui disait que Nokia innové pas !
Avant : Alcatel OT 302, OT 535, OT 756, Panasonic VS3, Nokia 6280
Maintenant : Samsung G600 + MicroSD 1Go Review de Virgile sur PN :

Nouvelles photos :

D'autres photos :
* Nokia N95 Le lien pour le coffret et version speciale serie limitée du 3250 :
* Nokia N95 On peut gagner un exemplaire grâce au Club Nokia et aux jeux Leave no trace, gratuits mais ce sont des jeux JAVA moins bons que le NOKIA GAME de l'époque
Pour info, le niveau est super élevé
J'ai 3 N-GAGE et j'en suis fier Bonsoir tout le monde,

Un test complet du Nokia 3250 sur mon site:

et comparatifs des photos prises par Nokia 3250 et K750i :

Amicalement Hossein beau test et bien complet ! merci beaucoup ! je l'aime de plus en plus ce nokia !
K850i Grinch color et N73 STEGRI EDITION C'est toi qui vois, mais sache que coté application, pour le moment ca se compte sur les doigts d'une main voir 2... Nouvelle Version FP3 oblige
* Nokia N95 alors je vais écouté super Phil !
K850i Grinch color et N73 STEGRI EDITION Ca reste une tres bonne affaire dans l'intermediaire de la gamme S60...

Mais il souffre de quelques defauts, comme l'abscence de 3G et de flash pour l'APN, sinon, c'est une belle bete

Nokia aurait pu aussi augmenter la resolution de l'ecran.
* Nokia N95 Je vais faire un comparatif D600/v3i/3250

Je viens de le recevoir et pour le moment je suis ravie. Le mp3 est de très bonne qualité, le tel est très bien finit.
Webmaster de Gratuite Sonneries Bonsoir,

je possède ce 3250 depuis quelques jours maintenant

j'ai un souci, je n'arrive pas à supprimer les thèmes que j'ai installés

Ils sont dans Menu perso Thèmes et là impossible de les supprimer dans Options j'ai pas supprimer

j ai ensuite installé un explorateur de fichiers ( SExplorer) mais là non plus impossible de les supprimer

Quelqu'un a t-il une idée... ???
SE W610i Satin Black / K800i Velvet Black menu > outils > gestionnaire d'applications ! option supprimer !
K850i Grinch color et N73 STEGRI EDITION Merci aussi, conformement a la charte, de supprimer les images en signature ...
Pour rappel, sur un S60, on supprimes pas des fichiers comme ca.... C'est un peu comme supprimer des .dll, dans le rep /windows ....
* Nokia N95 @ The grinch Merci

@ Phil ok merci des précisions c'est mon premier Symbian donc je découvre.... Pour les Images dans la signature C'est fait désolé....
SE W610i Satin Black / K800i Velvet Black D'un autre coté, ca figure dans la doc ...
* Nokia N95
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